Customer Care

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Primultini service is an integral part of our products.

In choosing Primultini you will be establishing a close relationship with a reliable and expert technical partner, a relationship characterised by 360° support for all aspects of your machine or plant.

Primultini customer service objective is to solve customer problems and assist customers to get maximum productivity out of their sawmill.


Our customers are our capital

Everything is centred round the customer.

Round our customers we have constructed a slim and dynamic organisation which can respond in real time to the requirements and requests of users.

Our staff is motivated and expert, used to solving problems in reasonable timeframes. This way customer satisfaction is no longer a mere slogan, becoming an undertaking for every day.

Original parts

The Primultini parts store has an abundant stock of replacement parts for mechanical parts subject to normal wear and tear.

For obsolete machines or parts not classed as normal replacements customer service has a preferential channel for rapid manufacture of the part in question.

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Training for customer personnel

Machine operators can attend special professional courses to learn and experiment with the correct use and maintenance of Primultini machines.

Courses are held at the Primultini premises and consist of a series of theoretical sessions and experimental practical sessions.