Log carriage - CFM


  • Log clamping through hydraulic cylinders having 2 selectable closing pressures
  • Headblocks slide on flat blocks, which are built with interchangeable wear components
  • Automatic positioning of headblocks by means of a programmable electronic positioner
  • Log turning device with independent arms mounted on each headblock: hydraulic lifting with arm inclination up to 90°, rotation through hydraulic motor
  • Centralized and completely automized lubrication.
  • Hydrostatic feed, with rope drive and foot control lever. A remarkable acceleration is achieved thanks to the headrig main motor power: this also ensures the highest production capacity and a worthwhile energy saving

Log carriage


  • Synchronized headblocks displacement through a Brushless motor, with high-precision rack and pinion and slack recovery


  • Slab turning arms
  • Beam tilting arms
  • Double arm hydraulic log turning device

Log carriage


1 Automatic log alignment to its axis
2 Automatic log alignment to its edge, with programming of the open face (width of first board)
3 Secure clamping of quite irregular logs by all headblocks
4 Make use of central headblocks to straighten the slabs or the small bent logs
5 Headblocks unused can be excluded

Log carriage CFM Version with movable hooks


Version with movable hooks: their projection is adjustable directly in 4 positions through a double hydraulic cylinder


 Log carriage CFM Version with fixed hooksVersion with fixed hooks: their projection is adjustable in 4 positions through cast iron pads, which are operated by a double hydraulic cylinder






cfm Log carriage

Technical data

Version with fixed hooks (movable pads) A mm 1.200
Version with movable hooks A mm 1.160
Hook ejection mm 20-60-110-150
Speed of headblock displacement mm/s 500
Speed of hydrostatic feed m/min 0 ÷ 140 (iEC)
0 ÷ 200 (iiC)
0 ÷ 230 (iFC)
Tractive force of hydrostatic feed N 11.770 (iEC)
20.050 (iiC)
28.000 (iFC)
Weight kg 10.100



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