Tilted bandmill - SHG/CEN SID/CFL


  • 18° degree tilted headrig with cast-iron frame and dynamically balanced solid flywheels
  • Blade guide with hydraulic blade pusher
  • Blade guide, blade tension, blade guard and braking device powered by hydraulic cylinders. Tilting of top flywheel powered by electrical motor
  • Flywheel guard on sliding guides
  • Automatic centralised lubrication powered by electrical pump


  • Rollers for removing slabs
  • Simultaneous inclination of flywheels
  • Centralised lubrication of flywheel face and blade powered by electrical pump
  • Sprayer for cleaning blade

Tilted bandmillTilted bandmillTilted bandmillTilted bandmill


This machine allows boards to be unloaded gently and always with the same side onto the unloading roller conveyor.

  • Logs and large planks can be turned quickly and easily by using the easy hooks (installed on request).
  • Independent movement of headblocks using brushless motors for accurate positioning
  • Hydraulic log clamping features 3 selectable closing pressures
  • Hydraulic centring pads in 3 positions: during loading operations, the pads reduce the drop impact of logs onto the machine, protecting the mechanics of the carriage.
  • Headblock slides with interchangeable wear components.
  • Positioning and work cycles can be programmed electronically, with possibility of optimization
  • Independent hydraulic double-armed log turning devices: logs are turned easily and centered along the axis, allowing easier manipulation and tilting of beams, prisms and flitches without damaging processed surfaces. Arms are lifted hydraulically from 0° to 90° (front arm) and 0° to 45° (back arm), with clockwise and anticlockwise hydraulic rotation of chains
  • Automatic centralised lubrication powered by electrical pump
  • Hydrostatic feed unit with rope drive and pedal control


  • Easy hooks
  • Log lifts


Mod. A B C D E F G H I
SHG/CEN 830 770 900 1230 900 1400 1900 4200 6000
SID/CFL 1000 900 1400 1560 950 1500 2050 4500 6620


Technical data

Flywheel diameter mm 1400 1600
Flywheel face mm 190 245
Blade dimensions mm 206 x 1,38/1,47 260 x 1,47/1,65
Min/Max blade length mm 10540/11030 12030/12520
Headrig weight Kg 6700 8900
Max. log diameter mm 830 1000
exceptional mm 1000  
Headblock speed mm/s 500 500
Weight of carriage Kg 9500 12000


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