Log carriage - CIB



  • Log clamping through hydraulic cylinders having 3 selectable closing pressures.
  • Hydraulically operated pad to select hooks projection.
  • Clamping and pad operation are controlled separately or simultaneously, with possibility to exclude the headblocks unused.
  • Headblock displacement is powered by a hydraulic motor with stepless variable speed.
  • Headblock sliding blocks are built with interchangeable wear components.
  • Automatic positioning of headblocks by means of a programmable electronic positioner.
  • Log turning device with independent arms, controlled separately or simultaneously, with possibility to exclude the arms unused. Hydraulic lifting with arm inclination up to 75°.
  • Centralized and completely automized lubrication.
  • Hydrostatic feed, with rope drive and foot control lever.

mini PRM 2004649 CIB02PRM 2004649_CIB


Technical data

Max. log diameter mm 1.600
exceptional mm 1.800
Hook ejection from pads mm 30-180
Speed of headblock displacement mm/s 130
Speed of hydrostatic feed (IIC Mod.) m/min 0 ÷ 100
Tractive force of hydrostatic feed (IIC Mod.) N 20.050
Weight kg 23.000



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