Disk cleaning machine - DPC


This is a simple and almost maintenance-free piece of equipment, hydraulically operated.

  • It is used to remove any foreign matters present on the surface layer of the log throughout the whole cutting line. This ensures a longer life to the blade sharpening.
  • The disk cleaning machine is controlled by the feed pedal of the log carriage. During the processing, 
    PRM 006397_DPCit is lowered through a hydraulic cylinder to lean on the log, and set in action by a hydraulic motor. During the carriage return, it is stopped and raised from the log.
  • The disk cleaning machine can be excluded from the operation schedule by a specific switch.
  • It requires a hydraulic power pack, to be supplied separately for existing log band saws.
  • In case of brand-new machines, the hydraulic power pack will be that of the headrig.
Technical data
Rotation speed of circular blade rpm 550
Diameter of circular blade mm 250
Diameter of circular blade hole mm 35
Separate hydraulic power pack motor kW 1,1
Approx. weight kg 40


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