Two-spindle multiple ripsaw - MRA/MSA

mramsaThe machine is completely enclosed in compliance with current European safety regulations, thus becoming suitable for working both with manual loading and into a completely automatic line. The frame is composed of very thick structural tubes to guarantee high rigidity. It is used to obtain boards and prisms from a large plank of various dimensions: the double shaft makes ripsawing extremely easy even for considerably thick, large hardwood planks.

  • Blade unit

    Each of the two blade shafts is made of special high-strength steel. The spacers are in aluminium and calibrated beforehand so as to ensure a perfect alignment of the blades. The bearings, provided with locking nuts, are constantly monitored by temperature sensors.

  • mramsa05Motors

    The main motors, which comply with the unified size category, are appropriately fixed on rigid supports that guarantee a remarkable reduction of noise and vibration. In the event of excessive demand on the motors, the in-feed speed is reduced automatically.

  • Feeding belt

    The feeding belt is composed of a series of toothed bars which, thanks to their shape, allow a constant and continuous feeding of the large plank. It is driven by an electric motor with inverter, which thus allows the speed to be changed as needed.

  • Anti-kickback guards

    The machine is equipped with splinter guards and anti-kickback devices, which are always active during normal operation of the machine; in the event of routine maintenance work, however, they can easily be excluded using the control panel since they are operated by pneumatic cylinders.

  • Press

    The rollers that make up the press are operated by pneumatic cylinders with adjustable pressure. The structure that supports the rollers of the press is assembled on sturdy ball slides, which move on hardened prismatic guides.

  • Lubrication

    The machine is equipped with an automatic centralized lubrication system for the drive chains, the feeding belt and the various sliding points.

  • 10.4” Touch-screen control panel

    The control panel is positioned near the machine on an articulated arm in order to make it more convenient for the operator to use. Some data, such as the position of the blade shafts, the cutting thickness and the in-feed speed, are continuously displayed and can be changed directly on the touch screen.

PRM 2006384_MRA_MSA01PRM 2006384_MRA_MSA02mramsa04

  • Inclined roller in-feed unit with fence for the lateral support of the already edged planks
  • Centering in-feed unit for centering the large planks with respect to their central axis
  • In-feed unit with roller table having 4 rollers, 2 of which motorized by the multiple rip saw and 2 idle, and 2 pressure rollers with electropneumatic operation, used to make the feeding easier for machines with manual loading
  • Press with motorized rollers

MSA only

  • Press for pieces with variable height: allows the ripsawing of large planks with a thickness difference within the range of 60 mm, spaced at least 500 mm from one another,
  • Roller table instead of the toothed feeding belt, particularly suited for highspeed feeding

Overall dimensions


Technical data

Mod.   MRA MSA
Max depth of cut mm 160 260
Max working width mm 550 550
Min length of workpiece mm 800 1200
Max passage width mm 850 850
Toothed feeding belt width mm 600 600
Min/max spindles motor power (nr 2) kW 90
Spindles speed giri/min 3800 3500
Feeding unit motor power kW 5,5 5,5
Min/max feeding speed m/min 8
Min/max diameter of saws mm 250
Weight kg 10200 10900


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