Band saw blade sharpener - APB


APB is a sharpening machine of simple but heavy-duty construction.

  • The cast iron head contains the transmission parts, operating in oil bath, for blade feeding and grinding wheel rotation.
  • The APB sharpening machine has been designed to sharpen blades with regular and skip tooth.
  • The machine is equipped with an exhaust for the suction of the fumes and of the emery dust produced during grinding.
  • The structure is completely enclosed so as to avoid access to dangerous parts; it is provided with a front door to allow assembly of the blPRM 2002082_APBade, with a small polycarbonate window through which all adjustments can be performed without opening the door.
  • A safety microswitch stops the machine in case the front door is opened: a second limit switch prevents the feed of the blade if the grinding wheel is lowered without starting rotation.
  • The electric system consists of a push-button panel and a separate control box that houses the motor protections, the contactors, the control circuit and the electronic brake for the grinding wheel motor.
  • The machine can be supplied in right hand execution only.

Technical data

Tooth pitch mm 5 ÷ 25
Blade width mm 15 ÷ 110
Hook angle   5° ÷ 30°
Grinding wheel dimensions mm Ø 200 Ø 15x7
Grinding wheel motor power kW 0,18
Jack motor power kW 0,18
Exhaust motor power kW 0,25
Machine weight kg 270


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