Side dressing machine for stellite tipped blades - RUA

RUAAutomatic machine to perform the side dressing of stellite tipped teeth of log band saw blades.

  • The peculiar position of the two grinding wheels allows, through a one-way pass, to get a positive clearance angle both on the breast of tooth (X) and on the back (Y).
  • The cast-iron frame contains the transmission parts, operating in oil bath, for blade feeding and grinding wheels rotation.
  • The machine is equipped with an exhaust for the suction of the fumes and of the emery dust produced during grinding.
  • The structure is completely enclosed so as to avoid access to dangerous parts; it is provided with a front door to allow assembly of the blade, with a small polycarbonate window through which all adjustments can be performed without opening the door. A safety microswitch stops the machine in case the front door is opened.
  • The electric system consists of a push-button panel and a separate control box.
  • The machine can be supplied in right hand execution, as shown in the figure, or left hand execution.

Possibility to combine the side dressing machine Mod. RUA with the sharpening machine Mod. AQC to obtain the blade sharpening and grinding simultaneously.

Side dressing machine for stellite tipped bladesSide dressing machine for stellite tipped bladesSide dressing machine for stellite tipped blades

Technical data
Max. blade width mm 311
Max. tooth pitch mm 50
Feed speed denti/min 28
Griding wheels rotation speed Upm 6000
Grinding wheels size mm Ø 100x   Ø 12x14
Grinding wheels motor power kW 0.37
Feed motor power kW 0.37
Exhaust motor power kW 0.25
Machine weight, supports included Kg 485


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